For what it's worth

I am not that good at writing stories but the push was too hard I can’t resist. So what is it with who and what happened? I’m still oblivious as to where to start but here’s the closest shot. There were many times I was asked who is that guy you’re with and whatever happened to the guy you were with before. I never really paid attention much to what people say until I’ve realized there’s not a lot of people I can talk to with my kind of language and personality. Do I drive them away or was it that they just don’t get it? I think otherwise. Today, I’m supposed to write four documents and plan for another project at work. But it aches to not splur the emotions, if it is, I am not even sure it is a thought or an emotion. Let’s talk about the tiny itch that made my whole body swell for a moment. If you’ve been keen on the blog articles, you would’ve known what happened. So, he shrugs asking if I was mad and since I was not the one who screwed up, I gave the honest answer it didn’t matter anymore. Discussing what happened ages ago wouldn’t be productive as a topic, right? And he chickens and make all assumptions. And with all the other guys who relatively did the same thing, I said the same reaction…FESTER and ROT. Because you wouldn’t even be Man enough to try and redeem yourselves. I would have given a better alternative, you know I can come up with more brilliant ideas but you’d rather exalt yourself and say you’re alright. Accept then that what could be better out there won’t get to your hands because you’re too busy yapping about things it eats your time. Do we believe that success and luck is fate? Though we have heard the cliché that it is 99% perspiration we sloth our way sticking on the inspiration. I have had a few gamble and still no one was man enough….