What irks you to write?

Writing had become more than a passion to me. Defining your status and explaining what is simple to everyone can become complicated. And it is complicated but if you see the reasoning and the intention, you'll never be misled of its path. I could blame everyone of the chaotic and construed history of my life but it'll only confuse you who would love a simple yet tingling thought to rationalize everything. Been-there-done-that parts of the story dilutes the possibility of creating a clearer picture of what is really wrong. And although we have outcasted the concept of right and wrong in any relationship, it would still be a mind-bugling fact why the hell everything is as it is. So..get to it. Let's give a slight imaginative conclusion. The truth of the matter is NOBODY DARED. A few showed interest but eventually realized it's superficial. Sometimes I blame myself for disclosing the options that there could be a possibility because i easily lose patience and give up. But i still believe someone out there will dare to try. I still believe in love. I still am a woman despite the masculinity in character and perceptions. I still appreciate the stupid nothingness and the lousy gestures. I am normal. I guess I try to be. Hahahaha.