The Long and Winding Road

I condemn thee for the inability to grasp your own sanity in the world of men relentlessly lost in what goal to take. I condemn thee for the weakness to harness all types of motivation to move and practice what hath preached. I condemn thee for the moments of reverie leaving no space to snap out of insanity. I condemn thee and there is no space to scream all anxieties and freedom to reign. I condemn thee for at every lucrative opportunites thou hath been impatient. To lead all is not what thou hast intended for the price of the good deed is far tolling thy heart's content. Wilt thy heed be considered in time? The struggle continues and the pain lurks as desires are far greater than thy goal. I beg thee to look into thy soul and grip on the remaining hope left for tomorrow requires more strength to face each day's challenges. Tick the clock please.