For lack of better things to do

It was expected that I’d hear from people I’ve spoken to. Olive never failed to miss that part that men I’ve been with (only a few) and people I’ve spoken to even on the phone always go back asking to speak with me again. I, on the other hand, do not expect any apologies though despite the usual story of me giving a hand and the other person always trying to grab the whole arm. I have come to the stage that it is indeed impossible to serve two masters at the same time. Between career and relationship, I have accepted the fate of career as the last relationship had taken a toll on my job performance. I love my job so much that I never felt the inadequacy of a relationship. But I guess the world is affected that they ask the same silly questions and impose the silly notion that a woman is not complete without a man. Then I’d haggle my concept of individuality and the beauty of single blessedness as they all gaze in awe of my speech. For what makes a woman is not that of having a man but knowing thyself. The chase to decipher thy wit continues and the iconoclast remain standing……..and lasting…..misunderstood but always marveled. I still believe in love though despite existing in world of lost souls.