The yeye girl is racist

Arrest my case. I have done all possible things to avoid it but bumped into few uncanny ones is different. I have tried my best with the kindest means to express i can never go into more than friendship with you who loves the expression, "there is no justice in this world". I do agree there isn't because I don't think i deserve less because I'm old. If you insist because of the color, I should say the same to the Americans, English and French I'm acquainted with. My preference is truly Asian and more Filipino regardless if my speech intimidates them all. I am not seeing anyone and i don't see why i should be searching for i am living comfortably and peacefully bounded by so much love in me to share for those who need it most. If being honest will hurt you, I must remind thee then that lying will not hurt you more but injure my reputation for being the tactless honest unconventional difficult hag. I am racist only at the choice of mate but not in friendship. Why? It could be innate because I've tried to condition my mind I can and indeed I can but not the judgment of people around me, I guess. Vanity, always my favorite sin.