Just when you thought you’re certain about a lot of things…..you’re not. A lot of young people ask, why did I end up here when I dreamt of being somebody I am not now? If what you have imagined to be is not what you have become…you have probably allowed circumstance to rule over you and your dreams. The choices of career in the Philippines have become to be of what is conveniently available and not what one can explore. It is depressing to see the majority being swept in the same path. Why? The indifference of Filipinos to the value of nationalism and awareness to economy molded more youth to limited opportunities. It is still possible to stick to what is ideally ambitioned but if efforts of getting there is weak, the meek will follow what the majority will dictate. The funny thing among twenties these days is the pride to even boast about what they have become not knowing how it’d end up after a few years more of doing the same thing. Pretending to even know it all is worse for the path of the many who have assimilated in the same direction will be the same as history’s records. See what is beyond the surface and explore your possibilities. Just don’t lose considering your obligation to serve your own country. To those serving the Chinese, please pay your taxes at least……sheesh!