If you are to watch the third sequel done and produced by Tom Cruise, you probably need to look at the following:
Why would the camera focus so much on the distorted nose of Tom Cruise not to mention the distracting teeth of Lawrence Fishburne while having a moment of thinking the twists in the movie?
What’s with the role of Lawrence Fishburne not being reprimanded being an accomplice to the villain (can’t remember his name) after the case had been solved?
How did the wife become so sharp shooter if she was never posed to have had any shooting experience?
More questions but it will eat up so much space so let’s sum it up as:

The whole movie will sweep you with non-stop stick-to-your-seat action but will definitely leave you questions after watching it. Common of all boy movies with impossible and looney twists, this third sequel is so disappointing if you think too much. The technology is also that impossible as the continuity writer made you believe all those techno gadgets is possible to make in seconds, waxing the face, setting up bombs by one man in seconds, etc…It’s a boy movie, what’d you expect? Of course boys will love it…..especially those who loves to skip the thinking part…hehehehe..I enjoyed Brittany Murphy’s “A Little Black Book” better minus the face lift of Holly Hunter distorting her eyes. So many distractions…..hehehe…