Proclamation 143: State of National Churvanessss!!!

Behold, for thy abode may be the only salvation of thy soul! Bwahahahaha, yan ang napapala ng pagkain ng Boy Bawang.

And what do i have to say about the state of national emergency? well, this country should learn the meaning of emergency. For at every tragedy, dilemma, drama, etcetera, the Filipino will only smile and show indifference. Why so? From the beginning, we never wanted to be a country? And who's damn idea was it to call us Philippines? Those filthy stinky friars did I heard (hope my professor in UPDiliman rests in peace). A tribute to the King of Spain- convenient eh? Philip to Philippines. Just like my mom, you all know where I got my name! Jeepers let's go back to the damn topic....why are we never on a state of national emergency? Because at the midst of warzones, tragedies and calamities, you'll find the balut and mineral water vendors, not to mention the crackers pa, o ha? o ha?

How is 1017 different from 1081? oooopppsss....research nyo naks ako pa pagkunan nyo ng assignments nyo? pag sinipag ako siguro blog......hehehehe...classs!!!! pass your papers!!!