Kuya, the Media and My Relationship

Pinoy Big Brother challenges the strength of public awareness and sensibilities in its uncensored, unabatted clips of realities domesticating selected various personalities in one house. A late adaptation of reality shows in other countries,it was expected to raise brows among skeptics and religious focusing on showing positive values and not realities to deprive the innocent of the damned inevitable dark truths about the society. The debate lives as tv station wars feast on the ratings and earns more advertisements. Amidst all these, I feel the same about people i love most concerned about my romantic relaionships. Seems impossible they'd all commune to agree the possibility that i'd meet someone who deserves me. Every man i'd meet seem not man enough for me because they'd all surface to be less than me. Though i think otherwise, it still is a mixture to the web of circumstances around my fast and busy world. I usually focus on reaching out and touching lives rather than being wise and notice if being used by people. I still advocate optimism but time continues to be my enemy. I feel i am getting too old and i'd get tired of all these giving-yourself-a-chance stage. Time is indeed unkind although i feel the prime of my life as more guys go for the chase because of my credibility, wit, wisdom and attitude. I'd better go back to work now. It's hard to teach English to French on the phone. The pay is not worth my efforts but my crusade to prove the world Filipinos are better in teaching English than the rest pushes me to strive harder. I hope time would slow down and the Pinoy Big Brother will mature fast to create more optimistic nationalistic values rather than trivial romantic gossips to help raise values among all of us and MAY YOU ALL LEARN TO LOVE READING.


  1. Thanks for the wonderful comment at my site... Anyways,I haven't seen a full episode of PBB. I "do" think that the show is too saturated... can't imagine living in a fish tank the way the contestants are made to be. Find it exploitive.

    I agree with the relationship stuff. i wish you luck in your search for the ideal mate. it is hard to look for anything else, well... who am I to give advice. Hahaha!

    Have a nice day... and by the way, I'll link you up.

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