To be or not to be

At most uncompromising situations we encounter interesting experiences of meeting quite uncanny and unconventional personalities. What is there to lose at simple exchanges of gettin-to-know-yous? The purpose is definitely unplanned but the advantage it brings is simply just killing time, sweeping your chances to entertain boredom. If you are to bump into every interesting character, taking your breath away without a clear picture of the personality, would you gamble or not to risk expressing your own angsts, emotions, disgust and what-have-yous? My stand has always been, risk it. For the time in my world has always been my primary enemy in all chances to be taken and swept in romance. But to involve yourself too much is an investment of pain but the wisdom you gain out of the experience is worth the whole thing. Anyways, why these blah blahs? I still remain, independently a standing person, watching people turn tables, move from one end to the other, alone and sad but too preoccupied to entertain those of my own.... Hope an angel comes snatching me from this melancholia...(tse, ndi ikaw un) (malay mo rin) Unlucky me, being a magnet of lost souls....MAGPAPATAWAS NA NGA AKO!!!