Last Tuesday’s May 17 advisory of 24 hours primetime news of GMA repeatedly informed parents DepEd’s warning on schools imposing school fees caught my attention. Do they have any idea that the parents themselves organizing in an association called HRO-PTA were the ones who suggested the collection of fees being aware of the irresponsibility of parents themselves in their children’s education?
The population continues to increase due to unwanted pregnancies of illiterate adults involving in pre-marital and extra-marital affairs trigger the statistics of parents’ not learning adequate responsible parenthood in the country.
These parents with aforementioned circumstances of lacking job opportunities are the same parents bringing their children to public schools, sending their kids without regular follow-up on the learner’s performance, indifferent with PTA projects and meetings and school activities and totally unaware of what their own child’s weaknesses and learner’s disabilities and difficulties to improve learning.
The school administration with a meager amount of MOOE(Maintenance Operation and Other Expenses) has always been inadequate to provide services of repairs and improvements due to the lack of discipline of students the teachers finds difficulty of facilitating with the outstanding reality of student-teacher ratio frequently commencing from 75:1 or 80:1 per class. With constant meetings and conferences to address the problem, CONCERNED parents involving themselves in PTA to help alleviate the realities in the school organization came up with the annual collection of fees including the enhancement of writing skills and promotion of skills competition with Republic Act 7079, Campus Act of Journalism.
The sad realities of the public school system, government and corruption root from lack of discipline; discipline that should be taught properly in schools. Schools should be given adequate facilities and support by the government to address its needs. Corruption in the government and lack of discipline imbibed in the culture should be eradicated with proper education. How can we address these problems if the parents won’t be involved in the process? It is amazing to see how empowered the organization of parent-teacher involvement seminars, conferences and trainings in other countries to help facilitate learning in children. The lawmakers should be studying more of these not only to address the discipline problem and the corruption in the school systems but also to improve and sustain proper and effective learning among students in the public schools. We need not pendulum on who is to blame for the sad realities and difficult circumstances in the public school system. We all know that your individual contribution to be AWARE and PROPERLY INFORMED of each circumstances matter in easing every issue at hand. DepEd had even made an advertisement with Gary Valenciano heeding every parent’s involvement to prepare for the school year and no parent has gone to coordinate with the PTA from where I work. Do we need to bring you back to school?
Your concerned teacher,


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