Boracay Boatmen and Marriage

The Question of Marriage. So, why am I not married? Was I to blame for gambling in a relationship like everyone thought would last? My father once said, with the unconventional personality you have and your weaknesses it will be difficult to get married. At 23, I thought I’d just have a baby to fulfill my need to have a family. Blame it to the family who made me believe I will definitely get hurt eventually. My mom was separated, my only sister was terribly abused and all my cousins all had failed marriage. Relatives do play a major part in shaping your ideals.
How we to become are will be how the elders influenced us to be. True indeed, though irrelevant, Boracay boatmen complained of a brewing arrangement that aside from the modernization projects affecting the sole community and common people who made this paradise famous (casinos, hotels..etc..) a major shipping lines will soon dominate the boat trips from Caticlan to the island to steal the only source of livelihood of more than a hundred boatmen with the local government helpless but to sign the said agreement. The whole society asserts that to improve the nation, the people should follow what has been argued. Rules are made to be followed. The rich and powerful few continue to influence the system for their benefits. The game of control and manipulation lingers as everyone poisons the majority to live in fear and doubt for the sole need to be RIGHT.
And why does everyone feel the need to be right? Is it to gain power? When living in power is living in fear, at any instant that you lose power, you become unacceptable and less desirable to all? Whatever happened to the word, LOVE? Contrary to people who seek power, Love has no obligations; the track of love does not include fear and doubt.
All men I’ve met primarily harbor fear. Fear that they may not be good enough, fear that I will sooner or later change and fear of everything else that most men fear. In the beginning, they’d pretend to understand. Why am I difficult to understand? Because the minds of men have allowed fear to clutter like poison, it had conditioned to believe assumptions. Assumptions and dreams they have created on their own. I’ve obtained the gift of simplicity and serenity in the mind that few who can erase fear and doubt can decipher. The constant fear that lingers in the hearts of men made him believe he always has to take action. Just like the boatmen fearing unemployment and the Boracay local government fear losing power.
All of them starts discovering how uncanny my reactions that slowly confuses them and walk away. Again they perceive me as a star difficult to reach but if they only open their hearts, they’ll see how long I’ve extended my hand to reach out to journey and grow together in the world of advocating love and peace.
In a world full of people living in fear, do I have a chance of meeting a soul at peace?
The question awaits an answer…..


  1. Selfish is the answer, most of pinoy are selfish, they dont even notice or care about others just to satisfy their own needs. In order for them to understand the situation, they need to experience it, like we say "Eh kung ikaw kaya nasa kalagayan ko?"

    and about ur parents, at first it was kinda disturbing, na poison nila utak mo, good thing ur not in dillusion into everything opposite to what ur parents taught you. haaaay, more and more interesting people this week i met. anyways ingat ka lagi. thanks din sa comment and i really apreciate it


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