Thursday, July 21, 2016

Event: Sinigang in Strawberry, Batuan and more exquisite Filipino dishes at SaluPH Restaurant launch

Flowers can be eaten, yes and strawberry can be the sour ingredient of Sinigang. I joined fellow bloggers at the launch of the newest Filipino specialty restaurant - SaluPH at Sct.Torillo corner Sct.Fernandez St. Brgy.Sacred Heart, Quezon City yesterday with celeb owners Harlene Bautista and Romnick Sarmenta
Scouting flavors and ingredients from different regions in the Philippines, celebrity chefs Romnick Sarmenta and Harlene Bautista shared their discoveries of gustatory proportions to the media yesterday while serving some of the best dishes they've concocted to feature the vast treasures of each islands. From the buffet of street foods (fish balls, squid balls, chicken balls, cheese sticks, mangga and singkamas with bagoong), to Adobo Laing, Balbakwa, Sisig Hito, Tiyula Itum, Binagoongan Lechon Kare Kare, Turmeric Rice, Pansit Lukban to their Signature Salu Salad and Salu Fried Chicken, Salu Restaurant boldly expresses enthusiasm to boost the Filipino cuisine to rule as the world's best. 
During the interview Chef Romnick Sarmenta shared his personal goal to get his own children appreciate the tastes of the regions and slowly drive them away from processed and fast foods. Both celeb owners were proud of the team full of passion to explore the fusion of dishes getting them to try each new dish prepared each day. It's the harmony of varied tastes and the culture of the regions that makes every dish a story worth-sharing making them excited to engage in customers each day at SaluPH. The compliments unexpected from diners each day is the fuel that keep SaluPH thriving to become not just another hole-in-the-wall in Quezon City but a tradition each Filipino family will develop. Finally, SaluPH served for the first time their signature dessert named "Mayon" - a plateful of pumpkin mashed and mixed with coffee and fillings, fresh slice of strawberry, flan, chocolate topped with chili and brazo de mercedes slice to experience a melody of sour, bitter, salty, sweet and spicy to punctuate your meal. It was an unforgettable dinner that excited my palate and heart which at the end made me feel proud as a Filipino. And I don't need to travel by plane to taste the culinary treasures of each region because it's all in SaluPH Restaurant. Thank you SaluPH for making me a KaSalu! I will definitely bring my family to indulge and be proud as a Filipino. For more information please visit and call 921-2448 fo reservations. 

Monday, July 11, 2016

Event: Funny and romantic AlDub at #IYAMBlogcon, Imagine You And Me in theaters on July13!

Love wins all the time. I joined AlDub bloggers yesterday at Relish Restaurant discussing their latest movie under APT Entertainment and GMA Films "Imagine You And Me" with Direk Mike Tuviera, Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza. It was my first time with Maine and my second with Alden. I was curious how the two became a phenomenon until I've witnessed them candid and cute as a loveteam yesterday.
When I asked them and direk Mike Tuviera what their romantic fave movie was direk Mike mentioned my fave classic "When Harry Met Sally" and Maine said "Serendipity". In between the responses, out of sheer curiosity, Maine was hilarious trying to play wash-and-dry the cloth table cover with Alden which caught me laughing so hard. Now I have a better understanding why they are well-loved by fans- they both exude natural antics that are spontaneous and really funny. 
Though Maine admitted being pessimistic at her performances as an actress, she's completely pure at heart simply wanting to make people laugh and believe in love. Denying the claim that it will gross more than a billion in the box office, they all professed making the film to simply thank the viewers for their continued support. Let's all witness the magic of AlDub without the dub and believe in "Imagine You and Me" in theaters nationwide on July13! I hope we are all responsible Filipinos this time not sharing the full movie on Facebook. Support Filipino movies! Watch it in theaters on July 13!

Monday, July 04, 2016

Event: Krystle Yague- the voice behind McdonaldsPH's "Tuloy Pa Rin" to perform at #HugotSaTagulan benefit show on July15

Singing praises to the Lord brings more blessings. Another testament of faith gaining popularity is Krystle Yague - the voice behind Mcdonalds Philippines' latest TVC "Tuloy Pa Rin". We met the 20 year old singer with guitarist Justin Ratilla at City Lounge in City Club-Alphaland Makati last Saturday in her first show.
Recording jingles for ads since she was young, Krystle shared her story of excitement when the biggest burger chain finally chose her version of Neocolors' original song. Surprised at the reactions of netizens sharing their "hugot" stories, she thought of also composing her own songs  and doing more covers. With growing fans, she will join other artists in a benefit show "Hugot sa Tagulan"for Inspire Church's Day Care Center this July 15, 7pm at the 3rd floor of Il Terrazo at Sct Madrinan cor. Timog, Quezon City performing tracks of love songs and more to move on. She and Justin will be joined by MOR 1019's DJ Papi Charls, Ang Probinsyano's Marc Solis, X-Factor's Kedebon Colim, I Love OPM's Daniel Harrington, Hashtag's Tom Doromal and athlete/host Gretchen Ho. For ticket reservations, please contact Kathy at 09178589727 or follow #hugotsatagulan's facebpok account -

Sunday, July 03, 2016

Event: Dukot Press Conference at Wangfu Restaurant

Kidnapping cases most often get unresolved. Just like Ten17 Films and Star Cinema's newest suspense thriller Dukot. With award-winning director and producer Paul Soriano, Christopher De Leon, Bing Pimentel, Alex Medina, Bangs Garcia, Shaina Magdayao, Dino Pastrano and Enrique Gil at Wangfu Restaurant UP Town Center last Saturday, I joined the media discussing one of the most controversial issues in the country - kidnapping.
Direk Paul revealed the story was based on a real kidnapping whose identities were not disclosed because the perpetrators are still on the loose. Shaina will play the sister of Enrique who will sacrifice himself to be the victim and Ricky Davao will play the father to run after saving his son from the kidnappers. 
The trailer showed the exciting scenes which seem to focus on the father and his quest to look for ransom to save his son. Will he eventually pay the ransom? This and the scenes revealed by direk Paul on keeping our eyes confined in claustrophobic lenses truly excite me to watch Dukot set to show in cinemas on July 13! I am already excited to be amazed at the screenplay and the acting performance by Enrique Gil! For more information please visit

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Exploring My Path To Financial Freedom by @avidalandph

It takes will and discipline to be finally financially free these days. I took the challenge of exploring my path to financial freedom from the personalized planner brought by friends from Avida Land Corporation last week. Reading the booklet that came with it was the first step and the ultimate decision to compute my expenses and assets came the toughest.
I used to keep the balance not on specific amount until I got this planner which also allowed me to attend to my financial obligations. From computing my assets against my liabilities let me plan my yearly goals and bucket lists. The keyword that enlightened me was "specific" which helped me compute measurable, attainable and time-bound goals for the year.
After using the calculator that came with the planner, I was able to plan in specifics my goal to where I should spend my next vacation. The planner also inspired me to explore other sound investments I didn't realize can better help me secure a better future.
I learned how important is every peso I spend and I learned to be more conscious of the small indulgences I take every single day. As they say, spend less than you earn and keep the ball on securing more investments. Breaking down all those expenses and miscellanous spendings helped me become more conscious and protected. Thank you Avida Land for teaching me how to be financially free and happy. Now that DepEd is going to include financial lietracy in the basic education curriculum, I am more confident to share my learning experiences through this Avida Land Planner. For more information, please visit and



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