Thursday, November 26, 2015

Event: #FigaroCoffee partners with #AmwayPhilippines #instantcoffee #cocoamix and #icedtea sweetened by stevia

Now I can have Figaro wherever I go. Figaro, the first Filipino coffee company announced its partnership with Amway, the number one direct-selling company bringing Figaro's first Achievers instant coffee, chocolate mix and iced tea with stevia last Tuesday at Figaro DBP Makati branch.
It was the perfect time to launch an instant coffee mix just in time for the holidays. Figaro's 3-in-1 coffee is made of roasted fresh coffee beans from the mountains of Bukidnon helping boost the Filipino farmers. What I love about it is each cup of Achievers Coffee contains only 96 calories to help me get enough perk without the guilt. Each sachet of Achievers Premium Cocoa Mix contains only 106 calories and a glass of Achievers Iced Tea mix only has 20 calories because it's sweetened by all-natural Stevia leaves. What's most significant to notice is the distinct taste that's not too sweet or strong. Fellow bloggers also agreed that Achievers coffee, cocoa and iced tea taste really good at affordable prices. For more information, visit or call (632)633-2699 (1-800-1888-2699) and Amway Events at Visit and and follow @figarocoffeehq on Twitter and @figarocoffee on Instagram for more details.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Event: The need for awareness on rape and violence with #AngelaMarkado on Dec2 in cinemas nationwide

Rape victims do not have chances for revenge and more often shy away from justice. Viva Films' Angela Markado will definitely leave a mark among viewers to reflect on the type of rape and violence existing in society today. Set to start showing on December 2, Direk Carlo J Caparas and Donna Caparas' remake of a classic Hilda Koronel will be played by Andi Eigenmann with stellar villains respected in the industry today Epy Quizon, Polo Ravales, Paolo Contis, CJ Caparas and Felix Rocco
It was a fun bloggers conference with the cast of Angela Markado 2015 yesterday at D'Music Hall Metrowalk Ortigas discussing their perspectives on rape and the making of the film. We were astounded at the humility shown by one of the most dignified character actor Epy Quizon who, at this time has not been aware of the public's recognition of his own distinct brand of acting.
Peach(daughter of Donna and Direk Carlo Caparas), also playing the best friend of Andi( Angela Markado) enlightened us on how they have all cherished the moments creating the movie with some of Viva's greatest talents Brett Jackson and Andi Eigenmann.
It was those casual yet serious chat about the social relevance of the film that made me reflect how it can help raise awareness among students dealing with rape victims. It is indeed time for these issues long been kept mum in schools today take the centerstage. The movie revived the character of once popularized by Ms Hilda Koronel was given a chance to revenge and seek justice. When asked if they'd rather choose revenge over justice, most of the actors preferred both but recognizes that the societal norms make it convenient for the ordinary Filipino to resort to revenge just like Angela Markado.
Which is more comfortable to accept for Angela Markado? Let's all witness both watching the new Angela Markado showing on December 2, 2015 at selected cinemas nationwide. For more information, please visit and like and follow @vivafilms and @viva_ent on Instagram and Twitter for more details.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Event: Love deserves #ASecondChance showing Nov25 at all cinemas nationwide

We all awe at Popoy for being able to articulate what most men can not and Basha for believing in love more than we could. I joined media friends and bloggers attending one of the most anticipated sequel of Star Cinema, A Second Chance. With Janus Del Prado, Ahron Villena, Bea Saw, Bea Alonzo, John Lloyd Cruz and Direk Cathy Garcia Molina, "A Second Chance" Grand Press Conference made all of us reminisce the making and resurrection of the most quoted romantic film in the country (One More Chance) yesterday at the Dolphy Theater.
When asked what made the One More Chance successful in creating another genre of romance onscreen, Bea and John Lloyd both could not explain why Popoy and Basha became phenomenal. Direk Cathy even recalled the moments they just thought of putting the risk and giving their all to the movie and paid gratitude to the writers Vanessa Valdez and Carmi Raymundo. For so many of us who kept watching One More Chance, it became a conscious effort to memorize the lines of Popoy and Basha but for Popoy, Basha was "pabebe" and for Basha, Popoy was the cunning and sly lamb irresistible to forgive. 
The two have kept teasing each other 8 years after the first movie. For John Lloyd, there are some scenes he can only do with Bea and for Bea, John Lloyd will always be one of the most admired actors of this generation. For 8 years how the couple had changed will be one the movie-goers will love. From the teasers which went viral blaming Meralco, Ms Vanessa Valdez told us after the event that there'll be more and those trivial reasons broke the two apart much like all of us. I broke up with my last ex over a broadband stick. I wonder who solved paying that Meralco bill they argued about. Let's all reflect on the could-haves and what-ifs watching A Second Chance on November 25 at all cinemas nationwide. Thank you also to dear showbiz friends Rey Pumaloy, Pilar Mateo, Dominic Rea, Leo Bukas and Roel Villacorta for that extra fun photo. For more information, visit and like and follow @starcinema on Twitter and Instagram for more updates 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Event: #ManangBiring wins Best Film and more of #C1Originals2015 #KakaibaKaBa awards night

The kiss-ass, kick-ass and the as is- Joey Agbayani shared that films should either be the first two or otherwise it's a waste of time and money during the C1Originals2015 Kakaiba Ka Ba Awards Night held last Sunday at the Dolphy Theater. Manang Biring, the fully-animated film about a feisty but terminally-old lady bagged the Best Film along with other awardees. Hosted by Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Alessandra de Rossi and Matteo Guidicelli, the awards night featured performances of Klarisse De Guzman with Erik Santos, The Voice Philippines Daryl Ong, Bradley Holmes and Jason Fernandez and Darren Espanto.
A special tribute to the icons/luminaries of independent film in the country was also awarded to Joey Agbayani, Raymond Red, Mike Alcazaren, Johnny Alcazaren, Rox Lee and Nick De Ocampo for their invaluable contribution to the industry. The full list of winners:  Best Film: Manang Biring (Carl Joseph Papa), Jury Prize: Hamog (Ralston Javier), Best Director: Bor Ocampo (Dayang Asu), Best Actor: Dino Pastrano (Baka Siguro Yata), Best Actress: Therese Malvar (Hamog), Best Supporting Actor: Bor Lentejas (Hamog), Best Supporting Actress: Chai Fonacier (Miss Bulalacao), Best Screenplay : Ara Chawdhury of Miss Bulalacao,

Best Cinematography: Albert Banzon of Dayang Asu, Best Production Design : Harley Alcasid of Bukod Kang Pinagpala, Best Editing: Charliebebs Gohetia of Hamog, Best Music: Dinno Christopher Parafina of Manang Biring, Best Sound: Jess Carlos of Bukod Kang Pinagpala, Bughaw Award of Champion : Manang Biring and Audience Choice Award: Baka Siguro Yata. These kick-ass films should be viewed also on mainstream to showcase the great talents of our very own Filipino filmmakers. Have your institution request a special screening. For more information, please visit

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Event: #Figaro Latte Art 2015 Winners

Art in your coffee. John Mark Trapani of Figaro Scout Magbanua branch won this year's Latte Art Championship last Saturday at DBP Branch in Makati. From among the top 5 finalists out of 16 participants from different branches who vied for the title of Figaro's Latte Art Grand Champion, JM's precision and fish design latte art pleased the judges Mr.Lorenzo Tandico, master trainer of baristas at Figaro, Henry and Son's Michael Harris Lim and I. Kurt of Figaro Cattleya branch bagged 2nd place, Joharie of Dasmarinas branch 3rd, Martin of Brickroad branch 4th and Roy of Shangrila was 5th.
All participants of the 2015 Figaro Latte Art Championship were given exactly 10 minutes to produce two free pour and two designer art latte coffee masterpieces for exhibit. They all have to create identical designs without spilling the cup and keeping the counter free from any mess.
Some of the contestants tried using choco syrup and sticks to shape thir designs and we couldn't help but share them to coffee lovers on social media. According to Mr. Tandico who trains every barista deployed in Figaro branches, milk gets burned and bitter just like coffee that gets stale when it's steamed for more than the required time.
Latte art may seem simple when you learn from the masters but overdoing it may affect the taste and texture of your coffee. It will always be delightful for every coffee lover to see art in their latte and you can always request it at any Figaro branch near you. Thank you Figaro Coffee Company for always sending inspiration to coffee lovers and aspiring baristas with your latte art. Figaro truly understands our love for coffee from the crop to the cup. For more information please visit and like and follow @figarocoffeehq on Twitter and @figarocoffee on Instagram for more details.



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