Monday, July 21, 2014

Don't miss the all-new episodes of #BeautyAndTheBeast on #RTL #CBSEntertainment

 What's new with RTL CBS? Beginning July 29, new episodes of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST will be aired (Tuesdays at 9pm). How far will the developing love affair of Cat and Gabe go? Will Cat leave Vincent? All these will lead up to the exciting finale so don't miss it!
On the HOUSE OF CARDS (Wednesday at 9:55pm), Congressman Francis Underwood defies the President of the United States, plots against a candidate he openly supported and then carefully plans his climb to higher office. The cunning congressman is Kevin Spacey with Robin Wright as his partner/wife. For Friday Night Fun, catch these hilarious comedies: THE MILLERS (Fridays at 9pm), the number 1 new comedy in the US will have Nathan Miller (Will Arnett) divorce and enjoy singlehood. All that goes up in the air as his parents split and his mother moves in with him. 
On RULES OF ENGAGEMENT (Fridays at 9:30pm), A hilarious look into the lives of two couples and their single friend as they tackle marriage, dating, commitment and love. Stars funny man David Spade, Patrick Warburton and Oliver Hudson. FRASIER (Fridays at 9:55pm) the misadventures of pompous radio show host and frenetically frustrated Dr. Frasier Crane; his competitive, high-brow brother, Miles; and their father Martin. Stars Kelsey Grammer and David Hyde Pierce. RTL CBS Entertainment is available on SKYcable channels 53(SD) and 196(HD) on Destiny Channel 53, Cablelink channel 224 and other provincial operators nationwide. Like on Facebook  and follow @RTLCBSEntertain on Twitter for more updates.
 On RTL CBS Extreme: Catch OWNER'S MANUAL (Saturdays and Sundays, 10:30pm) Host Ed Sanders and Marcus Hunt attempt to operate today's most advanced, dangerous and powerful machinery and technology - from a stunt place to an off-road racing car to a locomotive. One follows the manual and the other follows his gut feeling. ULTIMATE PARKOUR CHALLENGE (Saturdays at 7:45pm) Freerunners from all over the world jump, roll, climb, leap, sprint, flip and fly through seemingly impossible obstacles as they try to outdo each other to become the ultimate parkour champion. HAWAII FIVE-O (Mondays and Wednesdays at 10pm) Catch Season 2 of your favorite action series. The team is back turning up the heat this season with a wide series of crimes on the islands including murder terrorism and human trafficking. RTL CBS Extreme will also offer pulse-pounding "Cliptomaniacs", "Smash Cuts" and "NCIS: Los Angeles" available on SKYcable channel 209, in Cablelink channel 224 and other provincial operators nationwide. Like on Facebook  and follow @RTLCBSExtreme on Twitter for more updates.

Event: #Nickelodeon's #DorasBest FriendsPicnic at SM Megamall

Observe children and remind ourselves about good parenting. Sunday was spectacular watching children join Nickelodeon Dora's Best Friends' Picnic event at SM Megamall. I felt the same amusement observing students' aghast at every school task last Sunday watching kids try to get their parents' attention, gaze at the mascots, jump for joy at games, haggle in line getting a face paint and more. Little Nicksters aged 2 to 7 participated in fun-tastic games and surprises with their family with Dora the Explorer and Friends.
Booths to enjoy were Dora and Boots Friendship Rings booth, Diego's Face Painting Corner, Benny's Smart Art Ballons and BFF's Looms Factory for some swags to play with. The other side were treats courtesy of Purefoods Fun Nuggets, Zesto Juice Drinks and Alaska Nutri-Build 345 Milk which also allowed participants to register for discounts.
There were also toys, mugs, bags, shoes and shirts that can be purchased at the event. Nicksters also played a game of trivia showing off their knowledge of Nickelodeon's famous characters and other games with each playing bringing home a lootbag after the event.
What was most fun to watch was the dancing with the mascots. I loved the event observing the children and reflecting on how simple joys parents can actually give bonding on weekends. I hope there'll be more fun exciting events like these by Nickelodeon, celebrating their 35th year globally and 16th year in Asia. We have a lot to learn being a Nickster belonging to the young at heart. For more information about Nickelodeon in Asia, visit

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Event: #AllisonHarvard is the new face of #BioessencePH

Your face reflects your outlook in life. Allison Harvard, runner-up of America's Next Top Model was launched as the new face of Bioessence. The skin care clinic which started in 1994 from Davao City expanded to more than 50 branches nationwide now with a global brand ambassador with the 26-year old model who finished second in both the cycle 12 of America's Next Top Model in 2009, Allison Harvard. She once hosted Mega Fashion Crew (MFC) Reloaded in 2013 now under a five-year contract with ALV Talent Circuit of talent manager Arnold Vegafria who also manages local talents like Billy Crawford, Carla Abellana, Nikki Gil, John Prats and Denise Laurel.
Allison also became part of the recently-concluded Celebrity Dance Battle on TV5 where she served as one of the judges and was in the indie movie Insensate released on iTunes. When asked if she is interested with more opportunities in showbiz, she shared her renewed enthusiasm to just accept everything that comes along. Bioessence, the usual hang-out of my colleagues every payday hopes to expand globally with their added variety of skin care, slimming and spa services. Dra. Guerrero along with son Joseph Feliciano also announced the upcoming campaigns to get more Filipinos to gain a healthier skin and body at Bioessence. Allison loves the Oxygen Facial which according to Dra. Guerrero uses state-of-the-art equipment to get enough oxygen in the skin. Those who prefer skin care at home can also try their Oxygen Botanicals line which includes cleansers, toner, moisturizer, hydrating gel, exfoliants and serums.  Allison shared experiences of going to different spas all over the country and had become more confident with Bioessence. My colleagues frequent Bioessence than other skin care clinics because their therapists were trained abroad at par with global standards. Bioessence is also open for franchising now, simply visit for more details. Follow @BioessencePH on Twitter and like on Facebook for more promos and updates.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Event: @abscbnmobile's #TeamGonzaga first reality show starts July 19!

Every week starting July 19, 2014  #TeamGonzaga (Alex Gonzaga and Toni Gonzaga) will make you laugh and appreciate sibling gags on ABS-CBN Mobile. Team Gonzaga's press conference held at ABS-CBN ELJ Building last Thursday showed how the two sisters were funny on and off camera. The first reality show also available on will allow the fans of the two popular hosts/actresses on ABS-CBN to witness their daily conversations and celebrity adventures. Running every week for more than 20 episodes that we can all watch again by downloading the IWantTV app on Android and IOS will be accessible only to subscribers of ABS-CBN Mobile.
We were able to watch this week's episode and I must say, I remembered my own sister and reflected how I've treated her. Those with sibling rivalry issues will learn from the conversations and arguments the two usually let go at the end of the day. When asked if they hold grudges against each other for every mistake they do to each other, Multimedia Queen Toni Gonzaga said she kept reminding herself that she loves her sister which Alex also seconded. Alex or Catherine Gonzaga in real life recalled how her mom would hide every time she sees the camera. Toni or Celestine Gonzaga in real life realized how she was actually strict to her sister after watching the first episode of Team Gonzaga during the press conference.
While laughing at the two gag and tease each other in front of the media, I've seen how the parents play a very significant role in maintaining a harmonious relationship of siblings at home. I was reminded of my grudge against my sister for the longest time realized in the movie of Sharon Cuneta and Lorna Tolentino in the 90's "Nakagapos Na Puso". The phenomenal Team Gonzaga on ABS-CBN Mobile will teach us all how to appreciate our own family and how we should not ignore those strict rules at home. It takes Php50 to get an ABS-CBN Mobile SIM and with their newest Unli-Internet and Unli-Call promos, it's really cheaper than all providers in the country. Download the IWantTV and ABS-CBN Mobile App on Android and IOS when you purchase an ABS-CBN Mobile SIM and enjoy these shows and re-runs for FREE. Visit for more details. Like their official Facebook Page and follow @abscbnmobile on Twitter for more updates.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Event: The surprising Daniel Padilla at @starcinema's #ShesDatingTheGangster opens today!

The dilemma of bad timing in love gave birth to a very important story for the youth of today - She's Dating The Gangster. Ms. Bianca Bernardino's dream came true and it was a perfect timing for the movie adaptation of her famous novel. It was also the perfect timing for Direk Cathy Garcia-Molina to mold another significant actor in the history of showbiz. Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo were clueless they have made so many teens read the novel because of their movie, also another perfect timing for the youth to develop that skill lost in schools.
Just like the courteous Daniel Padilla I've expected, he managed to motivate more teens to read saying how important it is to their lives despite fatigue and lack of sleep during the bloggers conference held yesterday. It was also the same bloggers conference at Star Cinema office that Kathryn mentioned so many things Daniel did for the movie which he had not done before. I've skimmed through the novel and it took a few pages only to realize how my students got hooked on this story and other stories on Wattpad. From the bloggers conference, I've expected another KathNiel teeny romantic comedy in SDTG and I was wrong.
Breezing through the pandemonium of Kathniel fans was a struggle but it was all worth it after watching the premiere at SM Megamall last night. The movie may have had changes in adaptation (of which author Ms. Bianca Bernardino approved) but those changes did not affect in any way how it left a mark on the hearts of fans. Daniel Padilla had stepped out of the shadows of his last name. Star Cinema's "She's Dating The Gangster" made me forget the lines which I've expected to remember from Direk Cathy Garcia-Molina's trademark in the industry. She's Dating The Gangster had made Daniel Padilla a significant actor. I was totally swept with Daniel Padilla's acting that I have totally forgotten his signature Padilla moves and gestures. I had to get more tissues in the bag at the scene of Ms. Rio Locsin playing the mother of Abby (also Athena played by Sofia Andres). I have totally forgotten the Daniel Padilla I once met in 2011 at the press launch of "Growing Up". Daniel Padilla deserves an acting award or at least an acting nomination for this film.
Some scenes were made to make the Kathniel fans excited and I took my hats off to Ms. Carmi Raymundo and the whole Star Cinema staff for choosing the best ending for She's Dating The Gangster. The parents have so many reasons to allow children to patronize Kathniel and She's Dating The Gangster. The movie will teach you the importance of right timing and patience to keep pursuing your dreams. Fellow teachers in creative writing can best use this teaching how to create a conflict that leaps time and circumstance. She's Dating The Gangster got teens to read and write, thank you Ms. Bianca Bernardino and Star Cinema. It should also teach the youth of today to wait just like Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo, in love and in career path. 
The movie should teach the youth that true love waits, despite all circumstances. I didn't expect Daniel would make me lose my make-up crying at SDTG last night.  Watch She's Dating The Gangster starting today at all cinemas nationwide. You'll never look at Daniel Padilla the same way again after this film. For more information, please visit and like their official Facebook Page at Follow @starcinema on Instagram and Twitter for more updates.



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