Friday, November 21, 2014

Event: 1,274,038 and more pledges for #1MCleanToilets #WorldToiletDay #BrightFuture campaign

 7M Filipinos openly defacate today. Open defacation kills with its health hazards.These and more awareness information was shared to us during the World Toilet Day at Baseco Compound, Tondo Manila last Dec.19, 2014 attended by Manila local government officials headed by Vice Mayor Isko Moreno, Mr.Treglown of UNICEF, Domex Philippines, Unilever and partners, Shell, Manila Water, Sige Sabado brand ambassadors Christine Bersola-Babao and Barbie Almalbis. I was with fellow bloggers who covered the event at Unilever-sponsored community at Baseco Compound.
 The community had obviously improved and they were all happy to participate in the awareness campaign to solve the problem of ignoring this health concern. Vice Mayor Isko Moreno shared his personal experience on how he once experienced living in a house without toilet right after Mr.Treglown enlightened us how many Filipinos are still struggling to keep privacy and integrity using toilets. Defacating by using covers in drainages or papers throwing them to the river or trash will definitely pose exposing millions of bacteria. Domex, the leading thick bleach that helps fight bacteria taught us how to clean the toilet bowls. It's not as strong as the regular thin bleach and with its specialized spout, the green Domex reaches the hardest part at the rim of the toilet bowls. 
We should have more confidence using the toilet and we should keep our toilets clean for the welfare of the whole family and for the rest of the citizens in this country. We can never tell at times the flies or insects that touches our skin or our food might've visited those fecal matters exposed because of people who does not have toilet.Like what Mr.Treglown of UNICEF had said, the problem may not be because some families do not have toilets but because we don't clean our toilets well. It does help to leave Domex Thick Bleach in the innermost part of the rim before you sleep so when you wake up, you'll have confidence cleaning will just be so easy. If you're like me who finds it difficult cleaning the toilet, use Domex and leave it for at least 5 mins and cleaning will just be a whiff. Join the crusade to help save lives one toilet at a time. Pledge at and let us all help getting the 7M to zero. Every pledge will make Domex Philippines donate P5 to the campaign building and cleaning toilets to those areas who need it. Visit for more details how to help.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Event: #KathrynBernardo4JuicyCologne #JuicyfiedBlogcon, Kathryn Bernardo's 2nd year as brand ambassador

In order to be irreplaceable, one must be different. These words from ABS-CBN's Teen Queen Kathryn Bernardo became the inspiration of the fun discussion on scents and being a teenager during the #JuicyfiedBlogcon at Stacy's Cafe at Capitol Heights, Quezon City yesterday. I was fortunate to be in the group of bloggers who had a chance to interview Kathryn Bernardo on her 2nd year as brand ambassador of the 2nd leading cologne in the country, Juicy Cologne. Together with StarMagic Philippines, Personalized Pins and Gel Art, bloggers enjoyed a fun-filled afternoon creating cute and colorful art pieces in pins and gel art. Kathryn came right after my Gel Art (colorful liquid poured into gel canvas and heated for decor and play) dried and everyone started coming in to interview the most-sought-after beauty on television and film.
 Just like the colorful Juicy Cologne variants, Stacy's Cafe was decorated with fun pink and blue pastels of flowers, table settings, candies, marshmallows and goodies. It was hard to forget their wonderful meal of Angel Hair Pasta with a slight hint of chili, Pomelo and Shrimp Salad and Potato Gratin Fried Chicken washed down with colorful green, red and brown iced tea drinks. Tables were adorned with the 8 variants of Juicy Cologne - Icy licious, Sugar Frosting, Up, Up and Away, Angel’s Bliss, Sprightly Sprinkle, Orange Twist, Sweet Delights and Dreamsicle. The event hosted by Star Magic Philippines Head Ms. Thess Gubi was fun games raffling Juicy Cologne gift packs before Kathryn Bernardo shared her joys and gratitude to Juicy Cologne.
She's been using cologne when she was younger and she loves vibrant and young citrus-y scents. Her favorite Juicy Cologne variant was Icy-licious and she would love to create a scent that's also light and fruity perfect for her personality. Since 2006, Juicy Cologne continues to soar and now enjoys the 2nd top leading cologne in the country according to Ms. Hennie Yu of Cosmetique Asia. I love the Sweet Delight variant and I've been using it because it's also affordable. I love to Squeeze-Clap-Get-Juicyfied with Juicy Cologne and Kathryn Bernardo. No wonder everyone is always going gaga over what she does every single day. Ms. Kathryn Bernardo is such an impeccable teen idol of this generation with her amiable, courteous and sweet personality. All my students and my son kept following her social media posts and she never fails to inspire simply with her smile. I've heard she'll also be in the remake of the hit teleserye - "Pangako Sayo". For more information, please visit the Juicy Cologne Facebook Page and follow @Juicy_Cologne on Instagram and Twitter for more updates. Visit for more updates on Kathryn and follow @starmagicphils on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more info.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Event: Meet #DreamDad with Zanjoe Marudo and Jana Agoncillo on Nov. 24!

I may not have had the Dream Dad but I had the best dad in the world. Thank you Papa for the memories you left me when you were still alive. I've kept reflecting on my own father attending the Dream Dad Grand Press Conference last week with Zanjoe Marudo, Beauty Gonzales, Maxene Magalona, Gloria Diaz, Yen Santos, Ces Quesada, Ariel Ureta, Dante Ponce, Ketchup Eusebio and introducing Jana Agoncillo as Baby. The same team who brought us Be Careful With My Heart led by Ms. Ginny Cuanco will start inspiring everyone all over the country of their own version of Dream Dad starting November 24 which will replace Hawak Kamay slot (after TV Patrol).
Baste (Zanjoe) will meet Baby (Jana) after being separated since birth. The story of Dream Dad will revolve around the story of the two Baste who is trying to mend his broken heart by focusing on family's welfare and Baby, a young orphan who is searching for a family who will love and truly accept her. It was announced that Dream Dad will replace Pure Love before TV Patrol but later changed to Nov. 24. The heartwarming feel-good-serye Dream Dad will be another must-watch on television along with Bagito - the newest Dreamscape teleserye before TV Patrol starting tomorrow. Directed by Jeffrey Jeturian, Dream Dad will start giving inspiration to more fathers to be responsible and caring and I couldn't wait to start watching it on Nov. 24. My students are so excited like me with the new shows on ABS-CBN Primetime Bida starting Monday. Learn significant life lessons with Dream Dad right after TV Patrol. For more information, please visit and follow @DreamDadTV on Twitter and Instagram for more updates.

Friday, November 14, 2014

The Sweet Genius in #HeartsNBells #Cakes

It's the taste. Some cakes look good but not tasting better. I may have missed the Bloggers Event tasting the different cakes and pastries of Hearts and Bells but I did not miss having their wonderful chocolate cake. Since 1997, from a quaint space in Binondo, the cake genius of Hearts and Bells grew branches and spaces delivering and serving their sinful cakes and pastries in Metro Manila. Hearts and Bells is known for custom-made celebration cakes by celebrities and each reflects the client's own personality. It wasn't surprising when I had a bite of this wonderful Hearts and Bells Chocolate Cake. It's not too sweet and not too soft. The moist cake in the middle made by imported chocolates and the Belgian chocolate frosting in flower design may look simple but the taste isn't too oily or soft like the others.
They design Wedding Cakes at your specifications in the following dimension: 14 x 5, 10 x 5, and the top layer is at 6 x 5. Clients can also choose their desired dimensions and they also offer two-layered, four-layered and five-layered cakes in varied flavors: Tropical Carrot, Devil's Food Chocolate, Rosy Red Velvet, Heavenly Vanilla, Mocha Espresso and Banana Nut and Chocochip. Oh and you can also get to choose your desired flavors if the usual is just not your personality. Packages including candies, cupcakes, gum balls, gummy bears, lollipops, jelly ace, marshmallows, milk sticks, pretzels, strawberry puffs, wafer sticks, peanut milk chocolate, fruit flavored candies range from Php12,000 to 25, 000 depending on the size of the cakes and inclusions. Their Christmas Cakes at 8' (round) are Chocolate (Php630), Caramel (Php630) and Mango (Php850). Gourmet Brownies (minimum of 4 boxes) are priced at Php 160 (8pcs frapuccino or butterscotch) to Php200 (8pcs cream cheese bars). It's the perfect cake this Christmas! Don't miss ordering a day in advance. Hearts and Bells is located at 934 Alvarado St. Binondo, Manila (call (632)242-0599/244-0255/09175379388/09228669777) Visit, email, like their Facebook page at and follow them on Twitter and Instagram at @heartsnbells for more details.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Share this "Fiesta" video and help save lives #1MCleanToiletsMovement

7M Filipinos have no access to clean toilets everyday. I have personal experiences having Urinary Tract Infection because toilet in school was just too far from the classroom. For the people in this video, the celebration may seem simple but it does reflect what we all ignore in the country - a new, clean toilet facility. The Domex video produced by Unilever Philippines on YouTube contributes to the efforts of Domex's One Million Clean Toilets Movement where views translates to pledges for the campaign to help save lives. For every pledge received, Domex will donate P5 to UNICEF's sanitation program improving access to basic sanitation in deprived areas around the world, including the Philippines. According to Benjie Yap, Unilever Foods and Home Care Vice-President, watching the "Fiesta" video and asking friends to watch it will help raise awareness for toilet appreciation and sanitation, more importantly, helping less privileged communities gain access to clean toilet facilities. The advocacy is significant as Department of Health said an estimate of 3, 420 diarrhea-related deaths were reported among Filipino children under 5 every year and around 2,000 have been prevented by access to safe water, improved toilet sanitation and personal hygiene. It is so important yet too many are indifferent to the lack of access to clean toilet facilities in offices, schools and even at home. This wake-up call should not be taken for granted if we really do care about the health of the family and children all over the country. Share this video now! For more information, please visit



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