Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Review: Why I Love #StarCinema and #VivaFilms' #TheBreakupPlaylist

Some movies deserve to be watched in theaters. We want to get our money's worth paying movie tickets so we carefully select which deserves our hard-earned pesos. I joined the premiere of Star Cinema and Viva Films' latest romantic flick The Breakup Playlist. Starring Piolo Pascual and Sarah Geronimo directed by Dan Villegas and screenplay by Direk Tonet Jadaone, I was astounded at the film's value surpassing my friends' expectations. Piolo plays Gino and Sarah as Trixie meet at a band gig for a songwriting camp. 
The movie organized with interlaced flashbacks of the relationship was a playlist. With characters that gave me a "Begin Again" feel (only in the beginning), the progression to the conflict was not at all the usual cinematic predictable scenes. Packed with signature real-life circumstances that let you reflect on your own experience at common public places, the movie lured my emotions and owned me. Quoting the slang modern-day teeny expression referring to how we all fall deep in love "papatayin ka", Gino and Trixie got me glued and amused at each kilig terms of endearment, ways of communication (like those that involve using CDs to say what you feel). Piolo Pascual was gripping towards the conflict with tears and facial expressions to get you grab tissues in your bag. I've seen Gino and not Piolo, the guy who lost the spark and fell prey to a groupie. Sarah stepped out of Laida and became the spunky wannabe lawyer/singer Trixie. The lines of Trixie were those I've heard of kids getting in a band. Although Trixie was so far from the proper, sweet and polite Sarah, she was the character we want who eventually rose to pick Gino's lost soul to begin all over again. I loved:
1. That ego became the villain and not the characters. How breakup was resolved showing that will can win over ego 
2. The songs made me feel how creative and passionate songwriters and producers we have in the country (with real songwriters and musicians who appeared e.g. Jonathan Manalo, Jungee Marcelo, Marion Aunor, Jamie Rivera etc)
3. How every scene was detrimental to the entirety (that grip to get you glued from beginning to end) (hats off to the continuity writers)
4. How the movie effortlessly teaches music appreciation with terms endemic of a"rakista"
5. How it leaves you itching to watch the movie all over again.
Direk Dan and Direk Tonet with the creative genius of Sir Kris Gazmen and the staff undoubtedly surprised us last night and I am already expecting the netizens will keep talking about this film. Thank you Star Cinema and Viva Films and congratulations. The Breakup Playlist is now showing at all cinemas nationwide. Follow @starcinema and @viva_films on Twitter and Instagram for updates on international screenings.

@angelspizza's new logo, new look and new heavenly offers

From light blue and white to bold black, red and yellow, the heavens illuminated vivid striking colors with its new logo and ambiance. I paid a visit to Angels Pizza Pasta Combo's branch in Bel-Air Makati last Monday with former student now a model/talent John Callueng.
From its previous simple white and blue colors that faded in time to contemporary black and yellow hues with more chairs and tables, Angels Pizza Pasta Combo Makati had evolved finally. With a modern contemporary design of black and yellow hues, the pizzas and pasta rode along the progress.
We tried their new pasta offers Carbonara and the Mac and Cheese. With Extra Feast and Cheeseburger pizzas and their latest product tacos, the meal became heavy. Mac and cheese was cheesy without being salty, Carbonara was creamy and bacony reminding me of the women enjoying a light beautiful snack on a busy day. That Mac and Cheese was difficult to get over like their Carbonara with more cheese and bacon aftertaste. Tacos wasn't messy to eat placed in a more convenient plastic pouch. The Angels had improved their design their look and their taste. Visit or call 922-2222 for delivery. Like their official Facebook  Page and follow @angelspizza on Twitter and Instagram for more promos and updates.

#PLNaisNgBayan #PingLacson and showbiz

Action King Robin Padilla recently expressed admiration at rehab czar Ping Lacson for his consistent impeccable response at interviews. Robin Padilla knew what he was talking about because he had delved deeper into Ping's life making the film "10,000 Hours". The said film which garnered numerous awards last year was rumored to be produced by Ping. "Napagkamalan nga akong producer ng mga movies na ito e. Kasi nga the producers at directors nung mga yun e nagkokonsulta sa akin, mga casting to some details pero out of respect ha? Di dahil sa ako nagpapapayroll, Ping said. The first movie about his life was shown in 2000 (Supercop) also out of sheer admiration of his character. It would be interesting to hear what he has to say about the showbiz industry these days. He has two grandchildren from Pampy ( Jodi Sta Maria's Thirdy and Iwa Moto's Mimi. ) Does Ping also follow Kathniel's movies? It would be interesting to hear his views about the actors and actresses these days. Fans and supporters like me will never forget how he disciplined PNP imposing a rule to maintain a 34" inches waistline. It was Ping who taught us to trust the police force and we would love to hear him speak about every issue we face today. He recognizes the influence of showbiz in the society and how it helps shape the opinions of the majority. What movies were unforgettable for Ping and who are his fave celebs? Visit for more info and updates.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Event: #TheBreakupPlaylist Bloggers Conference with Sarah Geronimo, Piolo Pascual, Direk Dan Villegas and Direk Tomet Jadaone

A beautiful love story had to be always told to remind us about hope. When love fails, will the feeling end? I had another reflection about my past attending Star Cinema's latest romance flick The Breakup Playlist last Friday at Ayala Fairview Terraces Mall Quezon City. With Piolo and Sarah who set screams all over singing "Paano Ba Ang Magmahal", it was already a sign the movie will make me cry. 
Direk Tonet Jadaone and Direk Dan Villegas shared to us how the movie was conceptualized and how the Piolo Sarah teamup was perfect for the role of Gino and Trixie. During the blogcon, Piolo reminded me how he became close to direk Tonet and Direk Dan from previous projects and his producing "Relaks Its Just Pagibig" last year.
Sarah said she will have to pray hard to have "forever" while Piolo believes in it. The real life playlist of the cast include songs by Coldplay. I am interested where direk Tonet and Direk Dan will take us in The Breakup Playlist since we got all hooked going to Sagada with "That Thing Called Tadhana" and Leyte Dumaguete in "Relaks Its Just Pagibig". The Breakup Playlist also stars Dennis Padilla, Teddy Corpuz, Maris Rascal and others showing next week July 1 at all cinemas nationwide. They'll also have international screenings so please visit and like their official Facebook Page at and follow @starcinema on Twitter and Instagram for more updates.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Event: The #CostaLondonStyle, the love for coffee and Pinoys of #CostaCoffee opens June 29

#CostaLondonStyle is different. I was happy discovering what makes Costa Coffee different from other coffee shops attending the VIP/Media launch of Costa Coffee at Eastwood Citywalk yesterday. It's the Flat White - a huge cup of coffee with more cream and Costissimo ( 3 shots of extracted coffee done in 15 seconds compared to the usual espresso done in 25 seconds) and the delectable variety of pastries. 
When they said London Style they meant roasted beans and all ingredients imported and shipped from the creators of the best-tasting coffee in UK. It started in 1971 with the Costa brothers Sergio and Bruno in South London bringing their passion for coffee in the Philippines. What's even more amazing was meeting the two store managers' story Wellah (from Dubai) and Erl (from Qatar) who enjoys the pleasure of being expats in their own country for a month. It was more heartwarming than those delicious pastries of Calamansicle and Chocolate Ensaymada offered exclusively in Costa Coffee Philippines.
The variety of coffee drinks are perfect in distinct bold taste and texture with beans roasted from UK brewed here in the country. I loved their Asian Noodle Salad and Ceasar Salad along with the croissants and cheesecakes. The coffee was smooth and creamy kicking with a bit of sweetness and for those avoiding too much sugar, Costa Coffee's Flat White is just perfect unless you ask for sweeteners. You have choices to have it iced or hot of course( do grab a Frostino anytime of the day).
With ambience, chairs and decors with British motifs and flags, it's perfect for coffee meetups and gatherings. We just wish they open at call center hours since very few establishments in the area are open midnight or early mornings. It's the friendly coffee and people at Costa Coffee or it's the salads and pastries. It could be both so you should come pay a visit on June 29 at Eastwood Citywalk 1 Quezon City. They will open more branches soon. For more information, please visit and follow @CostaCoffeePH on Instagram and Twitter for more details.



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