Thursday, April 23, 2015

Event: #MMKFallen44 #CoCoMartin with #AngelLocsin starts this Saturday April 25

Get ready with your tissues again on Saturday. Maalaala Mo Kaya, ABS-CBN's top-rating drama will feature a two-part special tribute for the Special Action Force (SAF) commandos who died in Mamasapano clash starring Coco Martin and Angel Locsin.
 Airing this Saturday April 25, Coco will play Gary and Angel will play Suzette along with other stars Ejay Falcon, Rita Avila, Alex Medina, Marx Topacio, Efren Reyes, Trina Legaspi, Denisse Aguilar, Jillian Aguila, Aenah Solano and Johan Santos under the direction of Garry Fernando written by Arah Jell Badayos. This is MMK's first time to pay tribute to fallen commandos and it's also first time for Coco to be with Angel in a drama.
As Gary Erana, Coco Martin was able to meet the family of the real Gary. Coco said Gary had real big dreams too big to let it slip away because of the incident. Coco shared his sentiments about the fallen dreams of his character Gary who is supposed to marry girlfriend Suzette (Angel Locsin) next year on May. When asked what he felt after listening to the family's stories about the soldiers Coco was emotional and asked the left ones to take care of themselves in the field. He had grown better understanding of the meaning of 'special action force'. "They were not ordinary soldiers and their dream of giving peace to Mindanao should continue", Coco said. Don't miss MMK's special tribute to the Fallen SAF 44 on April 25 this Saturday and May 2 on ABS-CBN. For more information please visit, follow @MMKOfficial on Twitter and like Share your thoughts and sentiments using hashtag #MMKFallen44 in your social media accounts. You may also watch previous MMK episodes using your ABS-CBNMobile sim. Visit for more details.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Event: The Miracle of Stem Cell Therapy in #Regenestem now in Manila

Taking your own stem cell to work for you, neat. Those who want to avoid the knife will benefit from Regenestem Manila now in the Philippines at 2nd floor Belson House, 271 EDSA corner Connecticut Avenue, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila. I've learned so much about stem-cell therapy attending the media launch of Regenestem Manila on its very first branch in Asia specializing in Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery including the latest technology of Anti-Aging Cell-based therapy yesterday at Luxent Hotel, Timog Quezon City yesterday.
Regenestem Manila brings to Asia its expertise in the fields of Regenerative Medicine, Sports and Arthritis Medicine, Molecular Orthopedics, Cosmetic Surgery, Anti-Ageing Dermatology. Consultation is FREE and the great thing about visiting Regenestem Manila is giving you options on which particular treatment would benefit improve the quality of your life. Just like their tagline, Invisible Change, Visible Beauty, Regenestem Manila is truthful and honest explaining to your the latest technology to achieve the change you want to happen within you. With Dr. Eric Yalung who returned to the Philippines as the medical consultant of Regenestem in Miami Florida USA, everyone suffering from pain and other medical conditions can easily understand how stem-cell-based therapy works in the body. We've seen the patients who suffered Diabetes, Arthritis and other diseases vouch the effectiveness of the therapy without going through surgery.
I was even able to consult with my history of Landry-Guillain Barre Syndrome, Meningitis and Polymyositis which made my left ankle and left foot fractured through the years. They were all honest and I truly appreciated the concern on explaining how my own cells may not produce the expected result that I needed. I was grateful for the honesty and I was in deep awe at the technology. Regenestem Manila also announced their soon-to-open center to specialize in Sports Medicine catering the needs of more injured athletes without surgery. I was also happy when they've announced the new non-invasive non-surgical treatment for those suffering from slip discs because I have friends who will definitely want to avail of all these. It's time for you to try visiting Regenestem Manila and realize the benefits of your own cells working for you. The best part about this is they're all fully-equipped with facilities organizing stem-cell treatments to patients in the Philippines. You don't need to go to the US now that Regenestem Manila is here. Regenestem Cebu will open on May 2015 so that's also another great news for those living in Visayas! Visit Regenestem Manila located at 2/f Belson House, 271 EDSA corner Connecticut Avenue, Mandaluyong City. For more information visit and follow @regenestemph on Twitter and Instagram and like Regenestem PH on Facebook. For appointments, contact 245-2200, 09175414164, 09175639331 and email

Event: #BbPilipinasQueens2015 #FunEveryDairy #DairyQueenPhilippines #brandambassadors

Beauty queens and Ice Cream. It was a cool afternoon enjoying Dairy Queen with the Bb.Pilipinas Beauty Queens 2015 spreading fun in every day lifestyle. Being the new endorsers of the leading ice cream brand in the country, Dairy Queen Philippines welcomed Bb.Pilipinas Tourism 2015 Ann Lorraine Colis, Bb.Pilipinas Intercontinental 2015 Christi Lynn McGarry, Bb.Pilipinas Supranational 2015 Rogelie Catacutan, Bb.Pilipinas International 2015 Janicel Lubina and Miss Universe Philippines 2015 Pia Wurtzbach at Taco Bell Gateway Cubao Quezon City branch yesterday.
It was not the first time for Dairy Queen Philippines to have the Bb.Pilipinas beauty queens as endorsers but it was their first time to have 5 from previous endorsers Bb.Pilipinas Supranational 2014 Yvette Marie Santiago, Bb.Pilipinas International 2014 Bianca Guidotti and Miss Universe Philippines 2014 Mary Jean Lastimosa The binibinis were joined by Bb.Pilipinas Charities Chair Stella Marquez Araneta along with the executives of Dairy Queen Philippines.
The queens shared their stories of their DQ ice cream flavors and how they are grateful for the opportunity to endorse the leading ice cream brand in the Philippines. They'll all be traveling with DQ in different provinces as part of the queens "behind the sashes and crowns" and participate in DQ series of activities to give back to the community. It was a perfect afternoon of fun ice cream and beauty queens and I had a chance to take photos of the cute DQ mascot. Who can resist a Dilly Bar? I know I can't so have a photo with the queens' standees at your favorite DQ branch all over the country. It's always time to have "Fun Every Dairy" at Dairy Queen! For more information, please visit and like their official Facebook Account and like @dairyqueenphils on Instagram and @dairyqueenphilippines on Twitter for more promos and updates.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

7days in #Krabi #ThailandTourism #Songkran #BirthThai #BoatTours #temples #pwd

April 12-18, 2015. My bestfriend Lori once told me I should make my dreams happen. I found a cheap fare to Krabi via Malaysia Airlines with one transit to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia last year so I've decided to pack my bags and research for places to go and where to stay. Watching too many movies and Anthony Bourdain shows led me to and Bryan the owner immediately replied to my email reserving a single room for 220baht a day.
Day 1-From NAIA 1 to KLIA (4.5 hrs)to Krabi  (1.5 hrs) airport, they all moved me and my bags on a wheelchair. Arrived at Krabi Good Dream at lunch with no delays. It was so unbelievable that I was even able to get on a bus (90baht) to Good Dream that easy. Ms. Vivi immediately gave me a room on the 2nd floor accessible to everything and I had my first meal of Thai Breakfast (chicken rice porridge with herbs and a glass of orange juice for 80 baht). I told her about my plan to get on an elephant, see islands and the sleeping buddha. Bryan gave me the Tour Guide Book which I found too funny yet too honest. They all suggested I stay relaxed the following day because of Songkran (Thailand's New Year) but my feet just couldn't resist the Krabi Night Market. After a few knick knacks and a pad thai (40baht) and watermelon juice (20baht), I was happy.
Day 2 - My birthday was the start of Songkran (Thailand New Year) so I was up early and headed to the nearest 7-eleven. When I got back. people started preparing buckets, water guns and water drums. From 9am to 6pm it was crazy splashing water everywhere and one lady visited to put white baby powder on my face and fragrant herbed water saying some expressions I did not understand. Ms. Vi said she wished me good life and good luck and I was happy the whole day watching people get soaked even those passing by. It wasn't the same as we have it in San Juan. They were all happy and no one got angry or annoyed and it went on the whole day.
Day 3 was a dream come true. I was able to get to Wat Kaewkorawaram Temple in town past the monks who gave blessing. Chased by a black cat and greeted by Thais from Bangkok, all people I met were too helpful. I was able to get to the city market and had a curry noodle and chicken satay with coffee for only 40baht. My car ride to Nosey Parker Elephant Trekking was already waiting for me when I got back. For 700baht I was able to ride a baby elephant and fed her cucumbers. It took more than 3 hours with funny Thais entertaining before and after the ride. It was amazing how these guys were taking care of the elephants. They were all trained well how to make the animals happy.
Day 4 - Hong Islands Adventure (800baht) From the van that picked me up at Good Dream via Andaman Tours, getting on a long tail boat to visit the Hong Islands was a breeze. I stayed on the boat in two stops because of the huge amount of people with less space to snorkel. After lunch at Koh Rai passed the Phangnga Bay, we headed to Hong Islands to swim. It was difficult going through the rubber platform shaking while the guide assisted me. Finally after a few more minutes I was brought to a private spot and I was able to swim and enjoy for an hour. The boatmen were able to help me again on the way back with everyone on board ( 6 chinese 2 swiss and 4 french) attending to my needs. We were all very happy sent to two more islands for swimming. I spent the night visiting another night market by Chao Fah Pier and had the famous coconut ice cream for 25baht. It was not the same back home, creamy and really smooth and not too sweet.
Day 5 I ticked 2 bucket lists here; James Bond Island and Koh Panyi. I've watched Anthony Bourdain feature this tour and I couldn't believe it. The van that picked me up at Good Dream picked up 7 more people (4 chinese 1 Swiss couple and an elderly German) we went to Phang Nga Bay to get on a longtail boat. Passed the limestone caves and Kao Ping Kan we've finally reached Kao Taopoo (James Bond Island where they filmed "The Man With The Golden Gun). I wasn't allowed to get off here as it involved climbing stairs and rocks so the boat went around the island especially for me. The fantastic view of the island was incomparable to Palawan. We went next to Koh Panyi, the floating village where Indonesian refugees stayed before to have lunch. Again, all the people in the boat was so friendly and kind helping me go everywhere. They even served me every dish and gave me more fruits. I passed at the kayaking area but they made efforts to take me through the caves and served too much juice, ha! I had 3 helpings of those delicious drinks! We went next to my dream destination via the van,The Monkey Cave Temple (Wat Suwankuha).
The spectacular view of the temple with friendly monkeys and that reclining Golden Buddha left me breathless. The Chinese friends were worried about me going up the stairs so some of them took my camera to take my photos and helped me to get down. I was able to get blessing from a monk and I was able to meditate here about my life. Last stop was the Raman Waterfalls which I passed since it was slippery. The tour (950baht) was unforgettable. I spent the night at the market for more food adventures (free tastes of exotic insects, fish curry rice and watermelon shake for 60baht).
Day 6-Koh Phi Phi Islands Tour via speedboat (Andaman Tours at 1050baht). From van pick-up to Klong Jilad Pier the speedboat with more than 25 of us onboard visited the Bamboo Islands. It was similar to the ones in Honda Bay with more people and sans the dirt everywhere. We went next to Maya Bay where Leonardo Di Caprio shot "The Beach" film and took photos. Buffet lunch was served at Phi Phi Don. That fried chicken, Tom Ka and Green Curry was unforgettable. Tour Guide Sah gave me candy while helping me get back on the boat. We headed next to the Monkey Bay to take photos and two islands for snorkeling.This trip was even more unforgettable with some Thais from Bangkok giving me tips and trivia about the islands. A buffet of fruits was served before we went back. Sah was a wonderful guide helping me get back with VIP service.
Day 7- On my way back at the bus station, I took selfie with the King of Thailand reflecting how I've made it all possible. The bus back I booked from Krabi Good Dream carried my luggage and I got confused with my watch arriving at the airport 2.5 hrs before my flight. I had tuna sandwich and brewed coffee at Black Canyon Coffee. I spent my last money shopping for stuff and snacks to bring home. Krabi Good Dream and Malaysia Airlines made all my dreams come true. The Thais were unbelievably friendly and kind people. Thank you very much Thailand! I want more of those nuts on the plane ha! Thank you Krabi and thank you Malaysia Airlines! I will cherish the experience forever.
Day 1- 
Phil Travel Tax - Php1620
Bus From Airport to Town - 90baht
Single Room at Krabi Good Dream for 6 nights - 220 baht for 1320baht
Thai Breakfast with Juice 80baht
Walking Street Pad Thai and Watermelon Juice- 60baht
Day 2
7-Eleven haul of snacks, misc - 99 baht
Garlic Pepper Fish Meal at Krabi Good Dream - 160baht
Day 3
 Fish Curry Noodle with Chicken Satay and Coffee 40baht
Nosey Parker Elephant Trekking - 700 baht
Nigh Market Dinner of Pancake 35 and Orange Juice 20 baht
Day 4
FullEnglish Breakfast at Krabi Good Dream -180baht
Hong Islands Tour - 800baht
Coconut Ice Cream - 25baht
Day 5
American Breakfast at Your Hostel (beside Good Dream)-120baht
James Bond Island Tour - 950baht
Fish Curry Rice Meal and Watermelon Juice - 60baht
Day 6 
Ko Phi Phi Island Tour 1050baht
Sticky Mango With Rice at Your Hostel - 80baht
Tom Yum Seafood at Your Hostel - 90baht
= 1220baht
Day 7
Bus to Airport 110baht
Breakfast at Black Canyon Coffee Krabi Airport 175baht
Total Damage Cost: 6,254baht x 1.25 (php conversion) = Php7,817.5 plus 1620 travel tax = Php9,437**
**Prices may change because of the currency rates and since it was Songkran, you may have a better discount depending on the date of your arrival at Krabi. Note: I changed my 300$ to baht at 32.33baht and spent the remaining money shopping for pasalubong.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Review: Top 10 things I will never forget watching #KidKulafu @starcinema

Some stories need to be told about Pacquiao. The Philippines champ Manny Pacquiao is about to fight for the nation next month against Mayweather. Before Manny became famous he was Kid Kulafu, the boy we should all get to know at Star Cinema's great tribute to the country's hero. I have been privileged to watch the movie with friends and here are my Top 10 Things I Will Never Forget about Kid Kulafu
10. The scary scenes of Mindanao rebels vs govt- I didn't realize how painful it was watching the family struggle hunger until I've seen those scenes where father Rosalio once was lucky catching fish, asked Mommy D to save some for him when he gets back but later losing it all to the rebel chasing military out of fear. It was heartbreaking to watch a boy witness beheading of rebels and those endless gunfights. I have better understanding why Manny would chose to keep fighting as he was able to triumph over these tragic past.
9. Scene-stealing background- Seeing the pineapple plantation in Mindanao reminded me of my Koronadal experience in 2008. It was a trip down memory lane remembering the beautiful Mindanao and I want to go back.Mindanao is really beautiful and I still have more to explore.
8 . The Visayan language - Even without translation, it was easy to guess what the men were shouting during the game. It was my lifelong dream to speak Bisaya and I am familar to a few up to this day.
7. The uncle Sardo- The uncle was the first influence in boxing and he was always drunk. It was funny seeing the young Manny collect all those bottles of Kulafu while watching boxing on betamax.
6. The Kulafu, the betamax and the ingredients of rural Mindanao - the culture of betamax as a form of entertainment skipping his errands reminded me of my own childhood. Manny was like all of us back then paying to watch movies and it was heartwarming.
5. The denial to represent GenSan (so he went to Digos)- It was heartbreaking to watch the young Manny not chosen to represent Gensan later representing Digos. Many battles we fight were denied to us as well and Manny later on fought and won against the town he tried to represent.
4. The reality of "patisan"- the scenes on fish sauce bottles cleaning reminded me of a GMA News documentary about the cheap labor and cruelty of owners to migrant workers like Pacquiao.
3. The weight and height challenge- Don't miss the part where the coach will have to put belt to add to his weight to qualify in the game. I love that part where the coach had to advise to eat more to qualify.
2. Eugene the best friend- I wanted more scenes of Manny with Eugene the best friend and maybe you'll agree with me why if you watch Kid Kulafu. It was understandable why they'd have to skip some to feature the other facets of the life of the people's champ.
1. Mommy D.- Wonder what Mommy D was like when Manny was young? She was consistently fascinating and I will not be surprised if Mommy D will have her own biopic soon. She always bring laughter to every scene.
Kid Kulafu was amazing and beautiful featuring the Manny who started fighting for his mom's life, his family, his country and the world. Not another action drama you've seen, Kid Kulafu will enliven your spirit to believe in determination. Just like what director Paul Soriano had said, if Manny was able to do it, every one has that chance to victory if you won't stop believing. Kid Kulafu stars Buboy Villar, Alessandra De Rossi, Cesar Montano, Alex Medina and more showing April 15 at all cinemas nationwide. For more information, visit and follow @starcinema on Twitter and Instagram for more updates.



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