Saturday, March 18, 2017

Review: Why you should watch and prepare for The Last Word March 22 in cinemas

You do not make mistakes, mistakes make you - Harriet Laurer. Who said you cannot rewrite your whole life story? Star Cinema  distributes an unforgettable movie perfect for all reflecting on their purpose in life, The Last Word. Directed by Mark Pellington starring Academy Award winning actress Shirley Maclaine and Amanda Seyfried about a retired businesswoman Harriet Laurer who asked an obituary writer Anne Sherman (Amanda Seyfried) to write her last words. I joined fellow bloggers at the advanced screening of the film last night at the Dolphy Theater and I was amazed beyond belief. I thought about aspiring writers like my students who content on rhetorics and poetry and I wanted to say what Harriet said to Anne Sherman to write about what's real since it will immortalize the soul. I thought about the micromanagers I've worked with and how much they waste time on things that will not be brought to the grave. I thought about my family and my own life. I was too amazed I had to grab my phone and post some of the unforgettable lines on my social media.Of the number of reasons why this is one movie you should not miss, here are some of mine:
1. You cannot play God so might as well prepare for your own last words so people around you will say kind things you left as legacy. Take note of Harriet's message to kids-at-risk.
2. Know the 4 elements of an obituary because sooner or later, if you are a great writer, some friends may ask you. Learn what Anne realized from Harriet. Discover what can be your wildcard.
3. Go make some tea like Harriet who finds solace and peace when making tea. You don't need to be an expert to make tea anyways.Enjoy it with friends and family.
Above all, the movie will stick with you. The Last Word will make you laugh and cry and smile in the end reflecting on your own woes and joys, failures and triumphs, eventually making you value the invaluable to celebrate life. Don't miss The Last Word on March 22 in cinemas nationwide. For more information visit

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Event: Have Assorted Xiao Long Bao and more new dishes at Tien Ma's Taiwanese Restaurant

Yes it's that dimsum you have to bite whole with bursting flavorful soupy sauce and textures in the middle dunked in black vinegar and ginger strips. It's that dream of Taiwan came true and I didn't need to travel far because it's conveniently located in NS Amoranto (Retiro) Quezon City. I joined fellow bloggers sampling the newest dishes at the famous Taiwanese Restaurant Tien Ma's at Retiro branch last Saturday. 
Soon to open in Legaspi City and Davao, Tien Ma's is becoming popular for its sumptuous Taiwanese feast and now they have more dishes to excite the palate.  From the original Xiao Long Bao, Tien Ma's now offers Cheese Xiao Long Bao and Black Mushroom Xiao Long Bao you can order separately or assorted for only Php240. I loved the Assorted Xiao Long Bao served on bamboo trays in different colors of dots on top to recognize the variety. 
After that filling juicy and tasty appetizer, we were served the array of new dishes: Salted Egg Prawns (Php350), Tainan Fried Chicken (whoke at Php350), Lucky Spareribs Adobo (Php219), Scallion Beef Stir-Fry (Php219) and Taiwan Style Fried Rice (Php200). 
Tien Ma's Taiwan Style Fried Rice is enough to make you happy but a nibble of the Scallion Beef Stir-Fry will make you forget all stress. I loved how it's altogether distinct from their fall-off-the-bone Lucky Spareribs Adobo. It's a different Adobo and I must say it was better than all types of adobo I've tasted. Tainan Fried Chicken reminded me of my trips abroad and it needn't dipping on sauce because it was flavorful.  
 Finally after that food coma of really delicious Taiwanese feast came the parade of dessert. We tried their Mango Sago (Php65), Coffee Jelly (Php65), Salted Egg Custard Bun( 2pcs at Php75) and that Pan-Fried Sesame Pancake(Php100). It was hard to tell which stood out among the dessert but Tien Ma's surprised me with their Melon Shake(Php95). 
I was totally swept away to oblivion and I have forgotten all my woes sipping that true and juicy yet not too sweet Melon Shake. Just when I had a sip of Watermelon and Mango, that Melon brought me bliss. It was an exciting Tien Ma's dinner now with renovated walls decorated with famous landmarks in Taiwan. I had to pose with the Love River as background reminding me of Taiwan's love for food. It's an unforgettable culinary adventure you shouldn't miss. Visit and follow @tienmas on Twitter and @tienmasph on Instagram for more info and updates.

Event: Shirley Maclaine and Amanda Seyfried star in The Last Word on March 22

I wonder what people would say when I die. Star Cinema distributes another blockbuster starring Shirley Maclaine and Amanda Seyfried about a beautiful story of a woman preparing for her death on March 22, 2017. Directed by Mark Pellington who brought us "Arlington Road"(1999), "The Mothman Prophecies"(2002), and "Henry Poole"(2008), The Last Word is about Harriet Laurer (Maclaine), a retired and very controlling businesswoman who hires young writer Anne Sherman(Seyfried) in her desire to write her own obituary. Feels like our own "Everything About Her" (Anfrl Locsin and Vilma Santos) except that she meets a 9 year-old girl Brenda (Annjewel Lee Dixon) who ends up pursuing her career as a disc jockey. This is one heartwarming movie to prepare us for Lent so don't miss it on March 22 in cinemas nationwide. For more information please visit

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Review: No crucifix and no holy water, finally one true Pinoy masterpiece in #PweraUsog by Regal Films now showing

"Dungan" was one word I can never forget from watching "Pwera Usog". After a few minutes, I tried recalling if I have watched any Filipino horror without using religion and I can't think of anything close to Regal Films' latest horror comedy "Pwera Usog". 
Starring  Sofia Andres, Joseph Marco, Kiko Estrada, Devon Seron, Albie Casino and Cherise Castro directed by Jason Paul Laxamana, Pwera Usog revolved around the concept of that evil hex most elders believe from visiting a new place or meeting a stranger. For the concept to evolve into something evil and demonic was difficult and surprisingly, it needn't any because the movie transcends from the concept to the story of this prank vlogger (Jean played by Sofia Andres) who despises her father played by Rommel Padilla. 
What's most hilarious was the slowmo scene of Aiko Melendez(Minda), Kiko Estrada (Quintin) and Joseph Marco (Sherwin)  as warriors fearless of the Catalina entity in Eula Valdez. What makes horror most difficult is how to finally win against evil and redeeming the heroes. Pwera Usog was completely authentic summoning the ghosts of fellow albularyo to fight Catalina in the end. What's truly memorable was the 2nd amulet given to Sherwin (Joseph Marco) and Jean (Sofia Andres) Dungan by Quintin (Kiko Estrada) towards the end. Pwera Usog will be one for the books in celebrating Filipino culture and mysticism. Don't miss it showing nationwide starting today. For more information please visit

Sunday, March 05, 2017

Event: Shakey's Philippines launches Scallop Primo Pizza #SummerSurprise at Php294

Oh yes scallops. Shakeys Philippines introduces their summer surprise "Scallop Primo Pizza" to bloggers last Friday at Y2Hotel Makati. Perfect for that summer feels of craving for seafood, Shakeys Philippines' Scallop Primo Pizza is a limited edition premium seafood pizza with mouth-watering baby scallops, tasty crab kani, basil strips and parsely flakes to satisfy every foodie's summer cravings. 
Available only from March 1-31, 2017 Shakeys Scallop Primo Pizza can be purchased at Php294(thin crust). We can't help but grab the scallops and bite into this crunchy tasty slice of seafood delight. I loved how it's more kicking with hot sauce. 
I had it reheated and it's still sweet, tasty and crunchy reminding me of the beach vibe. It's definitely what we all need this Lent and we won't need to look for meat because of the fresh and tasty scallops. Grab some now at your favorite Shakeys branches nationwide. For more information please visit



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