Monday, December 22, 2014

Review: What's hair-raising in #Kubot #TheAswangChronicles

This is one for the books. How do aswangs call each other? It's going to be one hilarious edge-of-your-seat "aswang" adventure watching Reality Entertainment, Agosto Dos Productions and GMA Films' entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival , "Kubot: The Aswang Chronicles". Even if you have not watched the first (Tiktik), Kubot will let you experience "aswang" in the city. Just enough dose of horror, enough dose of CGI and robotics, less gore, less profanity and wackier cast, Kubot brings the perfect movie recipe to enjoy this Christmas for the whole family.
Its 10 out of 10 hotdogs
What'll linger in your head is the hotdogs featured in the film. My dear blogger friend Jori ( gave 9 but I gave it a 10 out of 10 hotdogs because it's perfect considering all the ingredients that makes a perfect Christmas movie. Kubot The Aswang Chronicles starring Dingdong Dantes and Joey Marquez returns on screen with more types of aswangs and more flavors of comedy. KC Montero joins the villain group of Morogmon as Papa Dom transforming more humans as monsters. Kubot, another clan of aswang led by Elizabeth Oropesa (Veron) starts the movie strong with scenes following Tiktik that's also one for the books. I was astounded with the character until it disappears in the end. Lotlot De Leon as Nieves will surely grab people's attention especially on scenes with Joey Marquez. Isabelle Daza's acting in this movie got me almost rolling over the floor laughing on scene where she was calling for other members of the Dagit clan. Playing as an OB-Gyne who tries to convert fellow aswangs to animal-eating carnivores, Isabelle Daza (Lex) is one aswang to help the humans against the wrath of Morogmons.
I am no movie critic but here are what's hair-raising about the movie:
What I like: The robotics and CGI on the Kubot, especially the scenes of Veron (La Oropesa) were amazing and creative. It isn't so scary with just enough punch lines to get you admire the character. CGIs of aswangs including those of Jun Sabayton and Isabelle Daza were just enough to convince the character transformations. Isabelle Daza (Lex) calling the members of the clan got me dumbfounded with more struts and chants left me out of breath laughing my ass off at my seat. Finally, my most favorite scenes were those of Lotlot De Leon (Nieves) being the typical rumor-monger bringing her own drink and snack watching Lex (Isabelle) perform a ritual to get the bird leave out of the aswang (transformed monster) from eating a pack of hotdogs. The scene of Nieves (Lotlot) and Nestor (Joey Marquez) convincing Makoy (Dingdong) to move and go against the aswangs (monsters) was also unforgettable. I loved the stunts and the suspended motion action scenes of the film although some revealed the harnesses. Finally, one that I'll never forget is that last fight scene where Makoy (Dingdong) was reminded of his family's words of advice. I'll never forget that line from his sister for the rest of my life, it's truly "tatak-pinoy".
What didn't work for me: If your eyes are not clear like mine, you'll not notice some details that need polishing like the harness of some stuntmen and the doll parts at some fight scenes and grinding machine that shouldn't be there. I wanted to know what happened to the Kubot after the scene where Veron (La Oropesa ) left Macky to Makoy.
You will definitely not enjoy eating hotdogs while watching Kubot The Aswang Chronicles in cinemas but you'll surely laugh til you drop in this movie. The surprising twist of what type of aswang is next featured will get you back to thinking, is it going to be manananggal and what clan will revenge against Makoy. Kubot is truly amazing and entertaining. Lotlot De Leon deserves an award for her outstanding performance in this film. Thank you Direk Erik Matti! Please do continue making us all proud to be Filipino! For more information, please visit and like their official Facebook page and follow @TheAswangChronicles @KubotMovie on Twitter and Instagram for more updates.

Event: The amazing #RichardYap in #TheAmazingPraybeytBenjamin #MMFF2014 #blogcon

 The Filipino children are richer than all of us on Christmas day. I've always been confident bringing the whole family watching Direk Wenn Deramas' MMFF movie. This year, Viva Films and Star Cinema brings Vice Ganda's The Amazing Praybeyt Benjamin with no less than the "Sir Chief/Papa Chen" of the world, Richard Yap. It was his first MMFF film and his first time joining the parade of floats tomorrow and on Christmas day.
Sir Chief shared his excitement to us last Saturday at the Star Cinema office. He will be playing General William Chua joining the other members of the cast, Alex Gonzaga, Tom Rodriguez, Nikki Valdez, Vandolph, Kean Cipriano, DJ Durano, Ricky Rivero, Al Tantay, Malou De Guzman, Abby Bautista and Angeline Urquico. During the bloggers conference, Sir Chief even cracked a joke to all of us and managed to share his story of working with direk Wenn Deramas for the first time. I've watched Vice's Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy with my family last year and we'll surely won't miss The Amazing Praybeyt Benjamin on Christmas! It's going to be a laugh trip again knowing Bimby (Kris Aquino's son) will also be in the movie. The Amazing Praybeyt Benjamin opens in all cinemas nationwide starting December 25, 2014. For more information, please visit and like their official Facebook page at and follow @starcinema on Instagram and Twitter for more updates.

Review:What pleases #EnglishOnlyPlease and the growing Filipino language #MMFF2014

Drowned in translation. Words come alive when meaning evolves, that's semantics. If you plan dating on Christmas Day, "English Only Please" is the perfect movie for you. I was one the fortunate chosen few who attended the press preview of Quantum Films and MJM Productions Inc's Metro Manila Film Festival 2014 entry "English Only Please" starring Derek Ramsay and Jennylyn Mercado. The story is about a Fil-Am hunk Julian (Derek) who will hire Tere Madlansacay (Jennylyn) to translate his bitter speech of closure against his ex (Isabel Oli). I was already cracking in laughter in the beginning especially that applicant in the game room who seemed to be clueless on what words to say in English.
Scenes where Tere (Jennylyn) was shown with Korean students, I was taken back to college remembering the struggles and difficulties I had when I was a tutor. Tere's famous scene that went viral in the jeepney terminal was just an icing on the cake because there were more scenes to relate for the singles especially those who endure unrequited love. Many may react to the scenes where Tere will give more than a gay can just to please her lover. Many may go ballistic at the extent of favors and many may find it improbable but the bottom-line of it all is the truth that true love is giving.
Patience starts to wither when trust is lost in relationships. As they say, sometimes when you lose, you win.  The movie reminded me that true love waits and very few have the patience to wait. Language is dynamic and the growing meaning of each word develops when people chooses the creative expression. The movie also reminded me of how Filipino grammarians confuse the public majority with their constant changing rules and how the gay community contributes to the creative evolution of each vocabulary. Gay lingo, regardless of the strict elders' indifference is already within the Filipino culture. It isn't any wonder how popular icons have already imbibed such gay expressions as bling to get a message across. For the elders, to be right and just is more important to be kind, so let the students suffer in confusion. 
I am no movie critic but here's what an ordinary moviegoer's say about the movie:
What I like :  Every scene is quite clear that you'll almost see the actors' pores and the beauty of Jennylyn Mercado is flawless even without makeup. Derek's handsome face is also inimitably impeccable, you'll grab a copy of the movie and play it more times over to imagine being with him. Tere's jeepney scenes, the Korean couple, the applicants' and scenes of "kilig" moments when Tere and Julian (Derek) finally notice their love for each other. 
What didn't work for me: You don't want to think on Christmas and for those who'll question why on earth will a business analyst spend more than a thousand dollars for a speech translation is unimaginable. Towards the middle, the story gets predictable and I wished there'll be more vocabulary embedded than those already featured in the film.
Learn more of words, expressions and romantic scenes watching "English Only Please" in cinemas nationwide on Christmas Day December 25, 2014.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Interview: #InigoPascual and #JuliaBarretto for #WishUponALusis #Wansapanataym on January 11,2015

Once there was a dream and when it came true, Inigo Pascual could not believe it's already happening. It was a fun afternoon interviewing the new loveteam of ABS-CBN's Wansapanataym's "Wish Upon A Lusis" Inigo Pascual and Julia Barretto set to be aired on January 11,2015.
Inigo had been busy after "Relaks It's Just Pag-ibig". He remained in disbelief living his dream of being in showbiz. Julia however felt the same relating to what Inigo is going through a year ago adjusting to the busy schedule and lifestyle changes. Both manage to have a "me time" indulging on similar hobbies especially eating.
Both of them love pizza and they have developed a different type of endearment- bullying each other while working. Julia shared how much she believes in Inigo's talent and skills in acting. She will play an orphan who will receive a magic "lusis"(a type of fireworks that's a glowing stick). Every wish she makes while lighting the rod comes true but also ends when the light goes out. She will meet JP(played by Inigo) who's a popular singer raised in the US and will fall in love.
It was funny knowing how Inigo is obsessed with Anne Curtis. Julia however shared her precious moments meeting the guy she's obsessed with, Zac Efron last year. It was an unforgettable chat with the new love-team to watch this 2015. I am already looking forward to watching "Wish Upon A Lusis" episodes at Wansapanataym Sunday starting January 11, 2015. For more information, visit and follow +StarMagicPhils  on Twitter and Instagram for more updates.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Dazzle this Christmas at @ystilosalon

It's the most wonderful time of the year and it's the only time you're free to relax. If the parties are just way too exhausting and you feel you deserve a pampering retreat, Ystilo Salon has the best Christmas Treat. Feel good and look good this Christmas starting December 10-31,2014. Sweet Holiday Treats for men inclusive of haircut with Scalp Massage and Anti dandruff treatment for only P300 and P350 for haircut with Scalp Massage and Anti-Hair Fall Treatment for ladies. Pampering Treats for only P590 that includes services of either Whitening Gel Hand Spa, Hand and Foot Paraffin, Apple Pear Foot Spa or Milk Vanilla Foot Spa with Manicure and Pedicure. 
Glam up in school reunions ladies and gents! Ystilo aficionados can also try Ystilo's Any Length Promo namely: The Kera Glaze Treatment with Haircut for P 799 ,  Hair Color with Free Mint Green Tea Hot Oil P 1,500, Hair Rebonding with Free Haircut and  Digital Perming with Free Curl Cream for P 2,500 and P 2,999 for Fashion Color with Sexy Highlights. Get to enjoy Ystilo's Exclusive Lifestyle Card and get big discounts. 20% off for Airbrush Make-Up, 10 % Traditional Make-up, 10 % off for Hair Relax and 10 % Keratin Blow Dry Treatment with Free Shampoo and Conditioner. For more queries, please visit any Ystilo branches nationwide or call (02) 927-7533/ 415-0222/ Mobile: 0917-3124210/0922-978456 and follow Ystilo's official Instagram account @ystilosalon.  



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